Titanic, April 15, 1912

The first reports of the steamship Titanic, described as “literally a floating hotel”, hitting an iceberg were included in the Tonopah Daily Bonanza Monday Evening issue. The paper paints an optimistic picture of the Titanic being “towed to port safely after all the women and children…had been transferred”.  She was due to reach the New York port by Thursday, April 18, 1912Tonopah Daily bonanza 1912 - Titanic 1

Tuesday Evening’s report was grim with the headline, “Hundreds Drowned at Sea”. Reports were in from New York, Washington, Montreal, Halifax and Boston. According to the Boston report, at least “six hundred and fifty passengers, mostly women and children, were taken aboard the Carpathia from the Titanic”.

Tonopah Daily Bonanza 1912 - Titanic 2

Tonopah Daily Bonanza 1912 - Titanic 2 cont

Two days after reporting of the tragedy, the Bonanza’s front page was emblazoned with the headline, “Believed That Awful Steamship Disaster Might Have Been Avoided”. There were reports of strict censorship regarding communication between wireless operators aboard the Carpathia and the public. A prompt investigation into the disaster was ordered by the Senate Committee.

Tonopah Daily Bonanza 1912 - Titanic 3

Tonopah Daily Bonanza 1912 - Titania 3 cont

The Friday evening issue reported of the senate committee hearing for the investigation of the disaster. Survivors report the director of the White Star line, J. Bruce Ismay was one of the first in line for the passenger boats. Reports from New York offered survivor’s renditions of the night, most calling the accident a “direct result of an attempt to break the speed record”. Tonopah Daily Bonanza 1912 - Titanic 4


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