The project gets rolling


We are very excited to announce that the second cycle of the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project officially gets rolling!

Our project staff started collating the first batch of newspapers. Currently we are working on Weekly Elko Independent which is part of Elko Independent.

Elko Independent started its  publication in 1869 in the new railroad town of Elko, Nev. as a democratic newspaper. It changed its title throughout the years to Weekly Elko Independent (1872-1887), Weekly Independent (1887-1914) and Daily Independent which in 1915 was renamed back to its original title Elko Independent.


2 thoughts on “The project gets rolling

    • Hi Ann,

      We are currently working on the quality review of the Elko Independent, which includes the issues from 1916. Once this is done, we will send it to the Library of Congress for inclusion in Chronicling America. Unfortunately, we’re not quite sure when it will be added, but it should be up by the end of the year. Please feel free to reach out if you’d like an update or have other questions. Thanks so much!

      -Oscar, Project Technician – NVDNP


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