Life insurance back in 1921


Have you ever wondered about the life insurance peculiarities back in the early 1920s?

Here’s an interesting article published in Tonopah Daily Bonanza (1921) that describes the criteria used to set the life insurance premiums of some Swiss women who liked to dress fashionably.

The article appeared in the Nevada newspaper Tonopah Daily Bonanza on March 29, 1921 (p. 3).

Below you may find the full transcript.


 Low-necked Gowns Mean High Insurance
(by Associated Press)

GENEVA, March 29 – Swiss women who wear short skirts and low-necked gowns will have to pay higher rates of life insurance than those who do not. The Swiss insurance companies have announced that fixing the premiums on policies of women’s lives they will take into consideration the women’s wearing apparel. The shorted the skirt or lower the decollette, the higher the insurance rate will be.
The Swiss companies justify this action on the ground of a great increase of illness and disease among their women clients which they claim is due to the wearing of short skirts and low-necked dresses.


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