Life in Early Elko, Nevada

Newspapers are a very useful tool to get insight into the things people cared about in their everyday lives during a specific time period, and Elko, NV is no exception. While we await acceptance of our first production batches containing newspapers from this mining town, we’d like to share some of the more interesting articles and clippings we’ve come across during the collation process. All of these and more will be available soon on Chronicling America!

San Francisco

As the nearest large city, San Francisco was heavily featured in Elko newspapers, from merchants advertising their goods to stories about happenings in the city. In particular, the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was covered in great detail in the Elko Daily and Weekly Independent newspapers as shown below:




Sports and Entertainment

Citizens of Elko enjoyed a wide range of sport and entertainment events. It was not uncommon to see advertisements for upcoming films, theater performances and dances to commemorate major holidays. Below are just a few examples of what Elko had to offer.






The Law

As with many other mining towns, Elko had its share of shady characters and those who found trouble. As a means of communication that reached the entire town, newspapers sometimes contained notices from law enforcement to both wrongdoers and townspeople to be on the lookout for criminal activity. Also, other information that is now protected by law was prominently published in the newspaper including student grades and hospitalizations:





We are looking forward to the addition of these Elko newspapers in the near future!


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