Project milestone reached (Fall 2017)


We are so excited to announce the great news – the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project has reached a milestone earlier in October!

This milestone completes the first phase of the project: 30% of content was digitized and shipped to the Library of Congress for addition to Chronicling America!

The 30% mark equals to 3 batches and represents 30,510 digitized historic pages.

All newspaper titles digitized and included in the first 3 batches are from the Elko Independent group. It took us 20 days of microfilm prep work, 67 days of collation, 81 days of quality and OCR review and countless days of troubleshooting and collaborating with partners and vendors to have all 4 Elko titles digitized:

  • Elko Independent (1869-1871)
  • Weekly Elko Independent (1872-1887)
  • Daily Independent (1885-1915)
  • Weekly Independent (1887-1914)
  • Elko Independent (1915-1921)

The title changes over the years may seem confusing at first and often people get perplexed and think these are completely different newspapers, so we created a graphic that visualizes the title changes for more clarity (more graphics for title changes of other digitized newspapers are available at

Now we are entering the second project phase of digitizing another set of 4 batches (40,000 pages) by the end of March 2018. Our focus is on newspapers from Gold Hill, NV and Eureka, NV. These 4 batches are named National, Osceola, Palisade and Quartz Mountain and their progress can be tracked on our Progress Update graphic (it gets updated in the beginning of each month): 

Just like in the previous phase the workflow will have the following sequence: microfilm processing and preparation, collation, digitization, quality review, OCR review, batch validation and shipment to the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress processes and uploads the data to the FREE online repository Chronicling America where users can browse and search in thousands of pages of historic newspapers from 46 US States.



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