Happy Halloween! Boo!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

We collected some spooky and blood-chilling newspaper clippings from Nevada newspapers to make your Halloween extraordinary!

Recently Nevada Digtial Newspaper Project participated in the national #ChronAmParty campaign where all NDNP awardees tweeted #CreepyNews at the same time. This created a pool of exciting thrilling supernatural stories which you can enjoy by following hashtags #CreepyNews and #ChronAmParty on Facebook and Twitter.

You may also enjoy our featured stories from historic Nevada newspapers by jumping directly to Chronicling America using the links below!

  1. Man is warned by spirit voice
  2. Thinks brother is reincarnated
  3. Ghost of suicide meandering through Chinatown
  4. A spirit who revealed the wherebouts of money and letters
  5. The legend of the Sleepy Hollow
  6. Gray ghost haunts So. California roads
  7. A haunted graveyard 
  8. Mysterious voice bids him divorce

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