Partner Trip to Northern Nevada

We just got back from a Partners trip in Carson City, Virginia City, and Reno, Nevada. We are very excited to share details of our trip with you!

 Day One… Carson City

We visited Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records

We had great dialogue  with our partners regarding preserving newspapers of our past.

We discussed: State level priorities, newspaper sustainability, newly digitized papers, other forthcoming projects, and the future of the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project.  Our “sister” project of the Las Vegas Age was presented as well .

We had a great time discussing current and planned outreach ideas, promotions, and education using historic newspapers.

We received a warm welcome by our partners up north – including tours of the treasures within.

Day Two… Virginia City

We visited local businesses, the community library (Storey County Library), and multiple museums to spread the good word of Chronicling America.

The locals were  very friendly and every one of them had an interest in history and historic newspapers.

Day Three and Four… Washoe County School District, Reno

One of our goals is to bring newspapers into the classroom (Kindergarten through grade 12).  Carrie, the NDNP project coordinator, was able to meet with a school librarian from Traner Middle School, Sara Lediard. During their time together, Sara and Carrie discussed using primary sources in the classroom, Chronicling America, existing educational material, what teachers are seeking, how to contact teachers, and much, much more.

They began designing a lesson for 4th grade youth, “Advertising through the Ages” which is based off a lesson used in Oregon. The lesson for Nevada is similar, collecting and analyzing ads in Nevada (or national) newspapers published in the late 1800s, early 1900s, then today – comparing, analyzing, observing, questioning the ads of our history and today is a great way for school kids to learn history! To see pictures relating to the lesson, see the slideshow!


Special Thanks to everyone who made this trip so great:

Heather Hahn, State Library
John Warren, State Library
Tod Colgrove, State Library
Tammy Westergard, State Library
Jeff Kintop, Advisory Board
Donnie Curtis, Advisory Board and UNR Libraries
Cynthia Laframboise, State Archive
Annie Gaines, State Library
Peter Michel, UNLV Libraries
Cory Lampert, UNLV Libraries
Carrie Stewart, UNLV Libraries
Stacey Fott, UNLV Libraries
Jason Vaughan, UNLV Libraries

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