current status

Hi, friends of newspapers,

I wanted to update you  – we are waiting to hear if Unionville gets accepted, this is the batch with Las Vegas Age pages (and some Las Vegas Times). If you cannot wait and need to read the pages now, do not fret- UNLV Digital Collections has them already live: LAS VEGAS AGE

I am almost done doing the second & final phase of Quality Review on batch Arrowhead. I hope to have it sent for Library of Congress review by mid-August.

This batch contains: 10,003 pages
Yerington Times (1907-1922)
Lyon County Times (1906-1907)
The Silver State (1875-1880)

I will keep you all posted as things happen! Hope you are all having a great summer!


ps- I took a road trip up to Goldfield and Tonopah this summer, I hope to post some photos as many of our papers come from these two fabulous towns!


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