Many people involved… Let’s start with Imaging Preservation Services at the State Library!

In an effort to highlight the many people that make our project possible, we are going to take you on a ‘trip’ to the Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records of Carson City. This is our source for every newspaper page we digitize.

We had a ‘chat’ with the Imaging and Preservation Services (IPS) supervisor, Heather Hahn, and we learned a lot about this division’s vital service to the State and local government agencies in addition to many educational and cultural agencies (yes, including University of Nevada Las Vegas Libraries!).

One of the most interesting tasks handled by the IPS is digitization. The IPS contributes to the preservation of Nevada’s history by creating digital surrogates or copies of historical documents or images.  This digital copy can then be utilized by anyone interested in history, eliminating potential damage to the original.  Digitization also increases access; making documents available to the general public that otherwise only few would be granted the opportunity.

Hahn tells us her favorite part of her position is seeing up close and personal some amazing and inspiring historical documents; and when asked to give us an example, she tells us “… in preparation for the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, we digitized the legislation that gave women the right to vote in Nevada.”   Wow. How amazing is that? (We are going to have to check where the digital image is housed… stay tuned…)

And beyond just scanning a document, you may be surprised to learn that they have the capability to scan bound books, newspapers, negatives of any size, slide film, and microfilm/microfiche, etc.  They also provide digital restoration services of historical images, upon request!

SO more about images… We couldn’t resist – – – when considering how many images go through the IPS – we asked, what is the most unique image you have seen?
And voila, (after receiving permission to share), just look at this beautiful picture of Lake Tahoe at sunset!  – Photographer:  Kippy S. Spilker, Art Director of Nevada Magazine!

nevada magazine

“With all the different imaging projects we work on, I come across so many unique and amazing images.  The one that stands out to me, not necessarily because it is unique but breathtaking, is a panoramic aerial photo of Lake Tahoe at sunset… just stunning! It was taken by the Art Director of the Nevada Magazine .”

Isn’t that fascinating?  Now you know more about the Nevada State Library IPS!

We want to highlight our partners up in Carson City more, so ‘stay tuned’ for more! Thanks to the Nevada State Library Archives and Public Records, IPS division for sharing with us!

If you wish to learn more about our State Library, visit their site

2 thoughts on “Many people involved… Let’s start with Imaging Preservation Services at the State Library!

  1. Thank you for mentioning the Library & Archives great services and their wonderful representative, Heather Hahn. Nevada Magazine has wanted to digitize our 86 years of issues for some time and Heather was instrumental in making this happen. She and her staff have created digital files for over 50 years of the magazine and they are continuing to work on this project. All these magazines can be viewed on, with more to come. Again, thanks so much for the shout out. Janet Geary, Publisher, Nevada Magazine

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