Reaching the final Milestone!


We are very excited to share that today we are mailing out to the Library of Congress the microfilm reels from the first NDNP cycle (2014-2016). With this we have officially completed the first cycle!

These two boxes represent two years of hard work and collaborative efforts of all the great Nevada Digital Newspaper Project team members!

This is the time to warmly thank all the wonderful people involved in this significant digitization project: Cory Lampert, Jason Vaughan, Peter Michel, Jeff Kintop, Dana Bullinger, Melissa Stoner, Amy Check, Marina Georgieva, Oscar Giurcovich. Thank you, friends, for your devotion to the project and for the great contributions you made!

We also want to thank the awesome partners from the Nevada State Library and Archives for their significant contribution in duplicating the microfilms and also for their great partnership! Thank you Cynthia Laframboise, Bobbie Church and John Warren for your professionalism and dedication!

Christmas Greetings from the past

seq-6 Curious to read the Christmas Greetings from the US President back in 1921?

Check out the Christmas edition of The Pioche Record (Nev.) to read the greeting of the 29th US President Warren G. Harding.

You’ll also find many more interesting things like Christmas ads, greetings from businesses, recipes and so much more!

Hop on the time-machine and get back to Pioche – a fascinating mining town in Nevada established in 1869!

Life insurance back in 1921


Have you ever wondered about the life insurance peculiarities back in the early 1920s?

Here’s an interesting article published in Tonopah Daily Bonanza (1921) that describes the criteria used to set the life insurance premiums of some Swiss women who liked to dress fashionably.

The article appeared in the Nevada newspaper Tonopah Daily Bonanza on March 29, 1921 (p. 3).

Below you may find the full transcript.


 Low-necked Gowns Mean High Insurance
(by Associated Press)

GENEVA, March 29 – Swiss women who wear short skirts and low-necked gowns will have to pay higher rates of life insurance than those who do not. The Swiss insurance companies have announced that fixing the premiums on policies of women’s lives they will take into consideration the women’s wearing apparel. The shorted the skirt or lower the decollette, the higher the insurance rate will be.
The Swiss companies justify this action on the ground of a great increase of illness and disease among their women clients which they claim is due to the wearing of short skirts and low-necked dresses.

The project gets rolling


We are very excited to announce that the second cycle of the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project officially gets rolling!

Our project staff started collating the first batch of newspapers. Currently we are working on Weekly Elko Independent which is part of Elko Independent.

Elko Independent started its  publication in 1869 in the new railroad town of Elko, Nev. as a democratic newspaper. It changed its title throughout the years to Weekly Elko Independent (1872-1887), Weekly Independent (1887-1914) and Daily Independent which in 1915 was renamed back to its original title Elko Independent.

Meet the new project staff!

We are happy to introduce you the new Nevada Digital Newspaper Project staff for the second grant cycle! Please welcome Marina Georgieva (Project Manager) and Oscar Giurcovich (Project Technician) – they are experienced librarians and they are both eager to start contributing to this exciting nationwide digitization project!


Marina Georgieva obtained her MLIS degree with IT concentration from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee where she specialized in digital collections, metadata, information architecture and web design. She joined the UNLV Libraries Digital Collections in 2015 in the capacity of Digital Collections Specialist who manages and oversees the workflow of the digital collections. Prior to that Marina has long experience as a Reference librarian at a public library. Currently she is the Project Manager of the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project and in her new role she is bringing her passion for digitizing and persevering materials of historic significance as well as her expertise to organize and manage a smooth and efficient workflow for this project.

Oscar Giurcovich is a graduate of the library and information science program at Wayne State University, specializing in reference and instruction services. Previously, Oscar was a research and instruction librarian at Nevada State College, helping to create online learning tools to teach research skills. As project technician and outreach specialist, Oscar is excited to apply his expertise to educate the public in using Chronicling America for historical research in Nevada and beyond!