Project milestone reached (Fall 2017)


We are so excited to announce the great news – the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project has reached a milestone earlier in October!

This milestone completes the first phase of the project: 30% of content was digitized and shipped to the Library of Congress for addition to Chronicling America!

The 30% mark equals to 3 batches and represents 30,510 digitized historic pages.

All newspaper titles digitized and included in the first 3 batches are from the Elko Independent group. It took us 20 days of microfilm prep work, 67 days of collation, 81 days of quality and OCR review and countless days of troubleshooting and collaborating with partners and vendors to have all 4 Elko titles digitized:

  • Elko Independent (1869-1871)
  • Weekly Elko Independent (1872-1887)
  • Daily Independent (1885-1915)
  • Weekly Independent (1887-1914)
  • Elko Independent (1915-1921)

The title changes over the years may seem confusing at first and often people get perplexed and think these are completely different newspapers, so we created a graphic that visualizes the title changes for more clarity (more graphics for title changes of other digitized newspapers are available at

Now we are entering the second project phase of digitizing another set of 4 batches (40,000 pages) by the end of March 2018. Our focus is on newspapers from Gold Hill, NV and Eureka, NV. These 4 batches are named National, Osceola, Palisade and Quartz Mountain and their progress can be tracked on our Progress Update graphic (it gets updated in the beginning of each month): 

Just like in the previous phase the workflow will have the following sequence: microfilm processing and preparation, collation, digitization, quality review, OCR review, batch validation and shipment to the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress processes and uploads the data to the FREE online repository Chronicling America where users can browse and search in thousands of pages of historic newspapers from 46 US States.



Great interest for historic newspapers at the Genealogy Fair!

Last week the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project participated in the Genealogy Fair held at the Paseo Verde Library in Henderson, NV.

We are fascinated by the great interest in historic newspapers! The genealogy researches were eager to learn more about the newspaper project and how they can use Chronicling America website to perform cross-state search for their ancestors.

We noticed that most of the attendees expected that this service requires membership and subscription, so our team kept explaining that this is absolutely free service accessible 24/7 without any subscription, membership or library card. All researchers have to do is go to to get started!

Nevada Digital Newspaper Project is proud to be part of the nationwide historic newspapers digitization program and to contribute to the Chronicling America database with 200,000 pages of Nevada newspapers dating from 1863-1922.


Life in Early Elko, Nevada

Newspapers are a very useful tool to get insight into the things people cared about in their everyday lives during a specific time period, and Elko, NV is no exception. While we await acceptance of our first production batches containing newspapers from this mining town, we’d like to share some of the more interesting articles and clippings we’ve come across during the collation process. All of these and more will be available soon on Chronicling America!

San Francisco

As the nearest large city, San Francisco was heavily featured in Elko newspapers, from merchants advertising their goods to stories about happenings in the city. In particular, the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was covered in great detail in the Elko Daily and Weekly Independent newspapers as shown below:




Sports and Entertainment

Citizens of Elko enjoyed a wide range of sport and entertainment events. It was not uncommon to see advertisements for upcoming films, theater performances and dances to commemorate major holidays. Below are just a few examples of what Elko had to offer.






The Law

As with many other mining towns, Elko had its share of shady characters and those who found trouble. As a means of communication that reached the entire town, newspapers sometimes contained notices from law enforcement to both wrongdoers and townspeople to be on the lookout for criminal activity. Also, other information that is now protected by law was prominently published in the newspaper including student grades and hospitalizations:





We are looking forward to the addition of these Elko newspapers in the near future!

NDNP Winter/Spring Update

2017 so far has kept us busy! We’ve been working hard to get rolling with adding 100,000 more pages of content to Chronicling America. Here’s what we’ve been up to and a preview of what’s in store at NDNP.

Carson City Visit

BeFunky Collage

In mid-April, the Las Vegas team visited the Nevada State Library and Archives in Carson City, where we met with our project partners to discuss details about production and finalize our full title list. We also had the opportunity to visit one of the towns we will be featuring this cycle: Gold Hill.

Sample Reel Accepted!


We wrapped up April with the news that our sample reel has been accepted, meaning we completed all of the steps needed to add newspaper content online and have met the standards set by the Library of Congress! This is especially important as we have had to make adjustments to our workflow this round. We can now proceed with completing full production batches of 10,000 newspaper pages.

Up Next – Production


In May, we are looking forward to completing 30 percent of our collation, going through reels and counting the number of pages and creating the foundation for organizing the newspaper pages for inclusion in Chronicling America. Additionally, we will begin performing a final quality review of what’s done so far before sending it to the LOC.

With these tasks complete, we can focus on sharing more updates and clippings from the newspapers we’re working with this cycle. If there’s anything in particular you’re curious about or would like to see, please let us know by posting a comment or reaching out on social media!

Upcoming Events

June 6, 2017
UNLV Libraries Special Collections Open House
Lied Library, University of Nevada – Las Vegas

What: NDNP Staff will participate in a tabling event to share information about the National Digital Newspaper Program with interested library staff. We will share the title selection list, highlight workflow, provide demos of Chronicling America, and do a swag giveaway.

June 11, 2017
Clark County Nevada Genealogical Society (CCNGS) Geneaology Fair
Paseo Verde Library, Henderson, NV

What: NDNP Staff will have a table to showcase historic Nevada newspapers and highlight uses of Chronicling America for genealogy research at this popular local event.

Register at:

September 11-13, 2017
National Digital Newspaper Program Awardee Meeting
Washington, DC

What: Staff will be attending the annual gathering of National Digital Newspaper Program state awardees in our nation’s capital.

Reaching the final Milestone!


We are very excited to share that today we are mailing out to the Library of Congress the microfilm reels from the first NDNP cycle (2014-2016). With this we have officially completed the first cycle!

These two boxes represent two years of hard work and collaborative efforts of all the great Nevada Digital Newspaper Project team members!

This is the time to warmly thank all the wonderful people involved in this significant digitization project: Cory Lampert, Jason Vaughan, Peter Michel, Jeff Kintop, Dana Bullinger, Melissa Stoner, Amy Check, Marina Georgieva, Oscar Giurcovich. Thank you, friends, for your devotion to the project and for the great contributions you made!

We also want to thank the awesome partners from the Nevada State Library and Archives for their significant contribution in duplicating the microfilms and also for their great partnership! Thank you Cynthia Laframboise, Bobbie Church and John Warren for your professionalism and dedication!