Digitized Newspapers

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UNLV Libraries joined the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) in 2014. For the first couple of years of the NDNP project (2014-2016) the advisory board has selected 16 Nevada newspaper titles from the public domain based on several very important criteria. The titles cover the time span 1865-1922 and they also:

  • Reflect the political, economic and cultural history of the state of Nevada
  • Have a statewide or regional influence
  • Are recognized as a “paper of record”
  • Provide state or multi-county coverage of population area
  • Have a broad chronological span

UNLV Libraries is pleased to announce that the first phase of the project is successfully completed and more than 100 000 pages of digitized newspapers from multiple counties in Nevada are now readily available for full-text searching and browsing at the official Library of Congress project website Chronicling America.

The list with all the digitized newspapers from the state of Nevada can be accessed here.

Please visit Title Changes for brief information about each title and its name changes throughout the years. There you will find all the titles digitized during the first grant cycle (2014-2016).

Information about the Nevada newspapers selected for digitization during the second grant cycle (2016-2018) is available in this section.

In this brief demo you may also find some tips how to search the project website Chronicling America.

Visit the interactive map to learn more about what’s been digitized and what is selected for digitization in the future. The map will also give you more details about the newspapers such as timespan and title changes.