Ely, Nevada

( You may have noticed, Pioche is the publishing place for Ely Record )

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White Pine newspapers : 

The White Pine News & The White Pine News 
White Pine News Weekly Mining Review
White Pine News

1880 UNR

Ely, 1880

1906 stagecoah ely unlv

Stagecoach, 1906 (with a lot of people!)

1910 Northern Hotel UNR

Northern Hotel, 1910

1930 main street ely UNR

Main Street, 1935

1937 unlv ely

Ely, 1937

1950 post card ely nevada UNR

Post Card, Ely, 1950

business district Ely 1935 UNR

Business District, 1935

charc oven 1960 unlv

Ward Charcoal Ovens, 1960

pho ely 1880 unlv

Ely, 1880

Ely residents pose in a car in slc unlv 1900 1910

Ely residents, 1900-1910

ore train above ely 1905 UNR

Ore train above Ely, 1905

ely city hall 1909
City Hall, 1909
rairoad day 1906 unlv

Railroad Day, 1906

shriners at ely 1917 UNR

Shriners at Ely, 1917

side of main street 1920s

Side of Main Street, 1920s

side of main street 1930s

Side of Main Street, 1930s

View of Ely 1890

View of Ely, 1890

Ely 1930s UNLV

Side of Main Street, 1930s

Ely street scene 1926 UNR2 ely street scene 1926

White Pine News

No other Nevada newspaper so closely replicates in its own history and travels the history and vicissitudes of its county than does the White Pine News. In its 55 years of near continuous publication from 1868 to 1923, The White Pine News moved six times to six different mining camps and towns, all within a 45 mile radius.

White Pine County in eastern Nevada epitomized the dramatic and sometimes violent boom and bust of western mining and mining camps. After the initial discovery of gold and silver deposits on Treasure Hill in 1868, there was an explosion of furious but relatively short-lived booms which traveled from one new strike to the next leaving a trail of recently bustling but soon deserted camps behind. The White Pine News began its life in the town of Treasure City perched just below the top of Treasure Hill at an elevation of 9,000 feet. In 1868 W.H. Pritchard and Robert W. Simpson acquired the press of the defunct Silver Bend Reporter (sn 86076157, 86076162) in Belmont, in Central Nevada and hauled it to the new bonanza in White Pine County and up to the new boomtown of Treasure City where in December they began publishing the weekly White Pine News. It quickly grew to a tri-weekly then by April a daily, reflecting the town’s boom. The paper changed ownership frequently, and by August 1869 was reduced to a tri-weekly and by October back to a weekly. The then owner, William J. Forbes, a staunch Republican who was engaged in a bitter rivalry with the newspaper in neighboring town and newly designated county seat of Hamilton, finally decided to suspend the News in Treasure City and haul his press down the mountain to Hamilton where he resumed the News as a daily in January 1870 and his battle with the Inland Empire which succumbed and suspended publication in April. Forbes reduced his paper to a weekly in 1872 and sold the paper in 1873 to new owners who changed the paper’s politics to Democratic. As the mines declined, and with it Hamilton, the paper and its owners struggled. Publication was suspended in 1878 and after a number of unsuccessful attempts to revive it,  in 1880 its owners moved the White Pine News moved with its plant to the new boom town of Cherry Creek, where it resumed publication in January 1881 as a weekly. It was published by the same owner W.L. Davis in Cherry Creek until August 1885 when he removed the paper from waning Cherry Creek to the newest boomtown of Taylor. Davis bought out the other paper in Taylor, the White Pine Reflex (sn86076314), and combined the two plants to publish the White Pine News. But Taylor’s prosperity also proved short-lived, and when the county courthouse in Hamilton burned down in 1887 and the county seat moved to Ely, Davis followed the next year and re-established the peripatetic White Pine News in the new town of Ely, which was to remain the seat of county government and the center of the new copper mining boom. With Ely established as a relatively stable town, the White Pine News settled down into an established newspaper despite the frequent changes in ownership that characterized many newspapers, and prospered with the town. In 1907, the News, now a daily, began a separate weekly edition, The White Pine News Weekly Mine Review (sn86076354). In 1908 the paper moved for the last time to the end of town to the new industrial suburb of East Ely where it stayed (the Mining Review was absorbed back into the News in 1909), until 1923 when this indefatigable paper suspended publication for the last time.