Eureka, Nevada

Quick early facts

1864 Eureka was settled by some silver prospectors from Austin
1873 Eureka County formed and Eureka became county seat
1878 Boom years for Eureka – population reached 9,000 people
1879 Eureka County Court House was built
1879 Eureka Sentinel Newspaper Building opened
1880 Eureka Opera House was built
1882 Peak of mining production
1891 Mining depression – major mines shut down

Eureka Sentinel title changes

1870-1871 The Eureka Sentinel
1871-1887 Eureka Daily Sentinel
1887-1902 Eureka Weekly Sentinel
1902-current The Eureka Sentinel

Panorama of Eureka (1853)

Main Street (1870s)

P.H.Hjul Store (1870s)

C.H.Block (1870s)

Panorama of Eureka (1870s)

The Fire Station (1880s)

Hotel Zadow (1900s)

Panorama of Eureka (1913)

The Courthouse (1930s)

History of the newspaper Eureka Sentinel

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Photo courtesy:
– University of Nevada, Reno Digital
– University of Nevada, Las Vegas Digital