Goldfield, Nevada

Quick early facts

1902 New mining district Grandpa was established
1903 The town Goldfield was born: a group of prospectors voted to formally establish a town and rename Grandpa mining district to Goldfield
1903 The town was a tent camp of 20 people
1905 The boom years began
1907 Goldfield grew and became the largest Nevada city with a population of over 20,000 people
1907 Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad was completed
1907 Goldfield Hotel was built
1923 Devastating fire completely destroyed the Main St area (a total of 25 blocks)
1924 Another devastating fire destroyed the Goldfield News Building and the Montezuma Club

Goldfield News title changes

1904-1911 Goldfield News
1911-1947 Goldfield News and Weekly Tribune

Esmeralda County Courthouse (1900s)

Street scene (1900s)

Goldfield Hotel (1900s)

Hippodrome theater (1900s)

Hotel Casey (1900s)

Ramsey Street (1900s)

Palace Hotel (1905)

Goldfield High School (1908)

Columbia Street (1908)

History of the newspaper Goldfield News

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Photo courtesy:
– University of Nevada, Reno Digital
– University of Nevada, Las Vegas Digital