Third cycle (2018-2020)



In January 2018 the UNLV Libraries submitted a proposal for grant renewal to continue preserving the Nevada history and to digitize another set of 100,000 pages of historic newspapers. And we have been approved for another cycle!  This will bring our contribution to Chronicling America up to 300,000 historic pages from Nevada by the end of the third cycle!

The Nevada Digital Newspaper Project Advisory Board has selected the more titles to be digitized. They have ensured a broad geographic coverage of historic Nevada newspapers available online as it will cover each county in the state of Nevada.

The below are the Batch Names with the newspaper Title, years under examination for digitization, and the place of publication. Each batch contains about 10,000 newspaper pages. Batch names are used for communication purposes with Library of Congress, and of course, with the public to share status within the digitization process.

As with the previous two batches, names of the batches are names of boomtowns or mining camps. The batch names do not represent the geography of the newspaper titles contained within. 


   Yerington Times           1907-1923            Yerington, Nev
   The Silver State             1874-1923            Winnemucca, Nev


The Daily Silver State            1874-1923             Winnemucca, Nev
The Silver State News            1874-1923             Winnemucca, Nev


       The Silver State                    1874-1923            Winnemucca, Nev
       Walker Lake Bulletin           1883-1923            Hawthorne, Nev


       The Central Nevadan             1895-1907             Battle Mountain, Nev


  The Wadsworth Dispatch                            1892-1905            Wadsworth, Nev                      Wadsworth Semi-Weekly Dispatch            1892-1905            Wadsworth, Nev


       Gardnerville Record               1898-1923             Gardnerville, Nev
       The Record                               1898-1923             Gardnerville, Nev
       The Record-Courier                 1904-1923              Gardnerville, Nev
       Lovelock Tribune                     1898-1912              Lovelock, Nev


       Churchill Standard                                      1903-1923            Fallon, Nev
       The Churchill County Standard                 1903-1923            Fallon, Nev


        The Fallon Standard             1903-1923            Fallon, Nev
       The White Pine News            1868-1923             Treasure City & Ely, Nev


      The White Pine News            1868-1923            Ely, Nev
      The White Pine News Weekly Mining Review  1868-1923   East Ely, Nev
      The White Pine News            1920-1923            East Ely, Nev

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