..NVDNP Staff..


The wonderful NDNP Project Staff and Library of Congress Program Coordinator Deborah Thomas. L to R: Co-PI Cory Lampert, Project Coordinator Dana Bullinger, Project Technician Melissa Stoner, Deborah Thomas, and Co-PI Jason Vaughan.

Jason Vaughan

Co-Principle Investigator; Director, Library Technologies

Phone: (702) 895-2179

email: jason.vaughan@unlv.edu

Cory Lampert

Co-Principle Investigator; Head, Digital Collections

Phone: (702) 895-2209

email: cory.lampert@unlv.edu

Marina Georgieva

NDNP Project Coordinator

email: marina.georgieva@unlv.edu

Oscar Giurcovich

NDNP Project Technician

email: oscar.giurcovich@unlv.edu


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