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We have selected some featured publications related to the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project and we are glad to share them with you.

Echos of 1918:
The last great pandemic has remarkable
similarities to our own

As The Great War staggered through its final, exhausted blows at the Somme, the Marne and Amiens in 1918, one global Gehenna was giving way to another: the Spanish Flu.

The pandemic that ravaged an already battered world serves as our most apt historical analogue to this coronavirus-fraught year. Then, like now, Nevada wasn’t spared. Masks, isolation, and social distancing, it turns out, were good advice 102 years ago, too.

In the Nov. 9, 1918, edition of Las Vegas Age — available in the University Libraries’ Special Collections and its digital archive — Clark County Health Officer Dr. Roy W. Martin, wrote:

“We are in the midst of an influenza epidemic which has been sweeping the country for several weeks. It must be controlled or a great loss of life will result. … Assist in preventing gatherings and crowds. Insist on isolation of people with symptoms of influenza. Demand that all people who care for influenza cases wear masks. … Do not stand close to or directly in front of one while talking. We respectfully urge every person to wear a mask as required by the order of the City Commissioners.”

Read Interim Director of Special Collections & Archives Peter Michel’s deep dive into the flu’s toll on Nevada in the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project.


UNLV team digitizes old newspapers 

This is a short piece about work here at UNLV Libraries Digital Collections Department, digitizing The Las Vegas Age and The Las Vegas Times. 

These 2 titles and most issues are included in Round 3 (2018-2020), batch Unionville.
We hope they go live soon on Chronicling America, and when they do, we will post an announcement. Until then, they are available via UNLV Libraries at the link above or HERE! 

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UNLV University Libraries receives NEH grant to continue newspaper preservation project (Oct. 2016); KTNV-TV

A short video on KTNV-TV about the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project. More information about the project, its partners and its goals can be found in the link to the article below the video.

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Libraries receives NEH grant to continue newspaper preservation project (Oct. 2016); UNLV Libraries News Blog

UNLV University Libraries were awarded a grant renewal to continue working on the Nevada newspapers digitization project. The article outlines the main partners in this collaborative project, the success of the previous grant cycle, the goal of the current project phase as well as the benefits for the community of having free access to historic newspapers.

The UNLV University Libraries has been awarded a $210,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to continue work on a project to digitize historical Nevada newspapers.
The two-year grant is a continuation of funding for the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project, an extension of the National Digital Newspaper Program sponsored by NEH and the Library of Congress. In 2014, UNLV University Libraries received a $311,000 NEH grant to launch the newspaper digitization and preservation project.

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Between the Lines (Nov. 2015); UNLV University Libraries Newsletter

The article focuses on achieving the ambitious Library of Congress milestone of having ten million pages digitized and readily available on Chronicling America.

In 2014, University Libraries was awarded a two-year, $311,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), becoming part of the National Digital Newspaper Program, a partnership among the NEH, Library of Congress, and, at present, forty statewide and territorial partners from across the United States. The goal of the grant is to select, digitize, and deliver 100,000 pages to the Library of Congress over the course of two years.

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Two more Nevada newspaper archives searchable online (Nov. 2015);
NV Press Association

A brief update on the NVDNP project and the most recent newspaper titles added to the Chronicling America website. The article also briefly describes the project and its purpose.

The Pioche Record and Lincoln County Record through 1922 are now searchable online at Library of Congress’ Chronicling America website.
The Tonopah Bonanza was added earlier this year and project is currently working on the Nevada Appeal.

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Between the Numbers (March 2015); UNLV University Libraries Newsletter
betweenthenumbers This infographic focuses on some featured projects and achievements of the UNLV Special Collections, among which is the ambitious Nevada Digital Newspaper Project managed by the Digital Collections and subsidized by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Historical Nevada Newspapers to be Digitized Through NEH Grant
(Jan. 2015); UNLV News Center

An article about the UNLV Libraries leading statewide project to preserve important accounts of Nevada history.

The UNLV University Libraries have been awarded a large, multi-year grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.
The two-year $311,000 grant was awarded for the National Digital Newspaper Program, a partnership between the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress.
The grant will allow the University Libraries to digitize and make public selected historical Nevada newspapers. The digitized content will be hosted and freely available on the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America website.

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Nevada and South Dakota Join the NDNP (July 2014); NEH

The article welcomes a couple of new NDNP grant awardees: the state of Nevada and the state of South Dakota. It also briefly outlines the project and its specifics as well as all the current states that are working hard to contribute to the ultimate project goal – digitizing the American historic newspapers and providing free access for browsing and searching.

NEH is pleased to welcome two new partners to the National Digital Newspaper Program this year!  Awards were made to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the South Dakota Department of Tourism and State Development to digitize newspapers from Nevada and South Dakota.  This brings the number of participants in the program to 39, including 37 states, one territory, and the District of Columbia.

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