Meet the project staff

images Jason Vaughan
Co-Principal Investigator; Director, Library Technologies
Phone: (702) 895-2179
Cory Lampert
Co-Principal Investigator; Head, Digital Collections
Phone: (702) 895-2209
Peter Michel
Co-Principal Investigator; Special Collections Curator
Phone: (702) 895-2243
carrie prof Carrie Stewart
NDNP Project Manager
Phone: (702) 895-2140
Former project staff

The contribution of the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project former staff also deserves recognition. The accomplishments during this long journey through the early Nevada history would not be possible without their expertise, dedication and devotion.

Marina Georgieva
NDNP Project Manager (2016-2018)

Oscar Giurcovich
NDNP Project Technician (2016-2017)

Dana Bullinger

NDNP Project Manager (2014-2016)

Melissa Stoner

NDNP Project Technician (2014-2016)
Yvonne Wilk
NDNP Project Technician